Web Photos

Does photography influence a website?  Does it matter what type of photos are used in website design?  It has been said that “A picture is worth a thousand words” and great photos will definitely enhance website design.


Research indicates that you have 10 short seconds to grasp visitor’s attention. The first visual impression that a potential client or customer sees when they open a web page is graphics or photos. This photo needs to capture the viewer’s attention and compel them to advance to read the text and discover more.


Search engines love text, however, the human eye is drawn to color and applealing photos. The initial defining factors to consider when selecting photos for a website include:

  • Does the photograph represent or enhance your business or objective?
  • Will the photograph exemplify a professional image?
  • Is the photograph visually eye catching?

Choosing the right photo is a crucial element in designing a website. A poorly chosen photo will compromise the design and professionalism of a website. A great photo choice will significantly enhance the design of a website.

We provide custom photography services in conjunction with our web designs. There are millions of pieces of clip-art available for your site, but sometimes you need some photos to show that your business is unique; custom images help to make that point.

Whether you choose to add custom photos or not, you can rest assured that with our background in photo editing, the pictures on your site will look their best !


Keep site visitors with personalized photos that showcase your products and services, and turn casual browsers into customers.